President Fang , PH.D
Hungkuang University has entered a new era since the renaming of the school.All our faculty and students must recognize that the ecology and ideals of present college education are based on humanism and the exlporation of own existence.

We believe that a University is a place where youngsters are educated into caring, mature adults.

Therefore,with”Humanism and caring”as the demands of the society,but also have humanistic concerns.

●School Motto-‘ Perseverance by oneself, Benevolence towards everyone’
Dr. Yui Lin Wang, the founder and then the president proclaimed clearly ‘Perseverance by oneself, Benevolence towards everyone’ as our school motto when our school was founded in 1967.

●The spirit of establishing our university-‘ Humanism is the foundation of respecting and cherishing life’
We think education is the process of educating boys and girls to be adulthood; therefore, we stick to the idealism of establishing our university, that is, ‘Humanism is the foundation of respecting and cherishing life.’ We hope students will enter the workplace after graduation and fulfill their duties and develop the special value of all walks of life; meanwhile, our graduates are based on their humanism and devoted themselves to the people with their vocational ethic. Hence, we will say we have achieved in the aim of developing humanistic professionals.
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