About Hungkuang

  On May 7th, 1965 the founder of Hungkuang, Dr. Yu Lin Wang established the Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing, carrying forward his father’s legacy of medical service. On July 12th of that same year, following the support and ratification of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Yu Lin Wang became the school’s first president.

  In the spirit of the school’s motto, “Begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all,” Hungkuang continued to expand its educational mission and opened new departments of Food Science and Nutrition, Industrial Safety and Health, and Healthcare Administration. In 1991, the school was upgraded to Hungkuang Institute of Medical and Nursing Technology, and it added the departments of Childcare and Education and Cosmetology in both the day and night school divisions.

  In 1987, Dr. Nai Phon Wang became the second president of Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing. Upon returning from medical practice in the United States, Dr. Wang thought how best to apply his expertise to education. With the support of all faculty and staff, the decision was made to change the school from an institute to Hungkuang College of Technology, the first such school in Central Taiwan to do so. President Wang also set up several new departments: Information Management, Hospitality Management, Physical Therapy, and Applied Foreign Languages. More broadly, he extended the concept of management to every aspect of the school to improve both the administrative operations and educational mission.

  In 2000 Dr. Guor Chuan Fang became the third president of Hungkuang. He pushed vigorously for the school to be accredited as a university, a goal that was achieved in 2003. The change was accompanied by the establishment of several new departments, including graduate programs in nursing, biomedical technology, nutrition, food science, cosmetic science, health business administration, environmental engineering, and occupational safety and hazard prevention. In 2006, the Ministry of Education awarded Hungkuang with a 9-year grant for academic excellence, totaling NT 350 million dollars. The school was also recognized as the only model institution among technological universities in Central Taiwan. In 2013, the Ministry of Education recognized Hungkuang alone among all universities in Taiwan with the Award for Excellence in Business Management.

  In August of 2014, Dr. Cong Neng Wu became the fourth president of Hungkuang. In his inaugural address, he stated his intention to continue and build on Hungkuang’s already established tradition of excellence. Dr. Wu will strive to make Hungkuang a leader by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the school and the greater community through the continued cultivation of highly trained social welfare and medical service professionals. With these goals in mind, Hungkuang will progress further towards becoming a torchbearer for socially conscious education in the fields of community welfare and medical technology.

  Today Hungkuang has over 12,000 students. There are six colleges: the College of Medicine and Nursing, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Human Ecology, the College of Management, the College of Engineering, and the College of General Education. Among these colleges are 19 undergraduate departments and 8 graduate institutes.
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