Vice President
Chief Vice President . Vice President/Chief Secretary
Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs . Vice President/Dean, Division of Research & Development Affairs
Overseas Vice President
Secretarial Office
Operational Management Center  Public Relations Office
Office of Academic Affairs
Registration Section Curriculum Section
Admission Section General Affairs Section
Office of Student Affairs
Guidance and Counseling Section Health Care Section
Extracurricular Activities Section Dormitory Service Section
Military Instructor Office Counseling Center
Indigenous Students Resource Center  
Office of General Affairs
General Service & Construction Section Cashiers Section
Property Management Section Procurement Section
Office of Research and Development
Research and Development Section Industry-Academia Collaboration Section
Career Services Section Food Safety and Inspection total amount of ultrafine
Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs
● Other units  
Professional Advancement Center Center for Teaching and Learning
Education Quality Development Center Accounting Office
Auditing office Personnel Office
Office of Safety, Health & Environmental Protection Office of Institutional Research
Library (圖書館) Library and Information Center
Alumni Association (校友會)  Innovation Incubation Center

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