President Huang Yueh Guey, PH.D


Hungkuang University has entered a new era since the renaming of the school in 2003. Our faculty and students all recognize that a purposeful and effective college education should be based on humanistic values and the exploration of our own existence.

We believe that a university is a place where young adults begin the process of growing into caring mature adults.

Living up to the goals our motto embodies, our students are not only expected to contribute to society, but to develop into well-rounded individuals.

●School Motto-"Begin from oneself and extend benevolence towards all".


Dr. Yu Lin Wang, the founder and first president proclaimed "Begin from oneself and extend benevolence towards all"as our school motto upon its founding in 1967.


●The spirit of upon which our university was founded recognizes that 'humanism is the basis for respecting and cherishing life’.


Hungkuang views education as the process of cultivating young men and women to become mature responsible adults. Therefore, we stick to the ideals our university, that is, ‘Humanism is the basis for respecting and cherishing life.’ We hope students will enter the workplace after graduation, not only able fulfill their duties but also develop their individual special talents. Meanwhile, our graduates are based on their humanism and devoted themselves to the people with their vocational ethic. Hence, we will say we have achieved in the aim of developing humanistic professionals.


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