Campus Information - 弘光科技大學

Campus Information

  • Extracurricular Activities
    More than sixty student organizations have been established to serve the various interests of the students. Qualified teachers lead these organizations with the goal of ensuring students’ achievement of healthy lifestyles and basic life skills. Students are strongly encouraged to join social programs and enjoy leisure activities. Activity divisions include: research development, academic affairs, services, general affairs, and student associations.
  • Academic Life
    Students are expected to display proper discipline and be responsible for their own well being. There are a variety of on-campus contests that take place weekly, in which a prize is given by the school president to the class with the best overall performance. In addition, a tutorial system is available to assist in guiding students’ everyday lives.
  • Life Counseling
    Life counseling is an important aspect of our campus life. Our Student Counseling Center aids in cultivating youths who possess a sense of patriotism, responsibility, and leadership. The Center educates and trains under the motto of “sound mind and sound body.” The instructors of the Center offer students advice according to individual needs and deal with cases ranging from personal issues to academically related problems, such as learning appropriate study methods.
  • Physical Education and Sports
    The physical education program at Hungkuang University serves to keep our students healthy, enrich our students’ campus lives, and provide opportunities for physical activity and leisure time. The school is equipped with a four hundred meter track and field, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a tennis court. In addition, the gymnasium holds a table tennis room, and aerobic dance room, and a weight training room. A variety of sporting contests are held periodically.
  • Health Services
    To maintain safety and promote improvement of faculty, staff, and students’ physical health, the Health Services Department offers periodic physical examinations, first aid, and hygiene programs. A physician is available on campus at all times for treatment of minor illnesses. In case of emergencies, the office will contact the nearest hospital for assistance. Additionally, school sanitation authorities inspect the buildings and food services regularly.
  • Boarding and Commuting
    Hungkuang University’s campus holds a restaurant-style cafeteria which provides the students and faculty with both Chinese and Western food. The cafeteria is run by the students of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. In addition, there is a convenience store, a bakery, and a tea shop on campus.
    The woman’s dormitory building is situated in a serene environment with beautiful views and is jointly managed by our house mothers and military officers. The building can accommodate 320 students (5-year college students preferred). Utilities include free high-speed internet and phone services. In addition, the school has contracts with Hen Hsian Company as well as other nearby buildings in order to provide more than 2000 rooms for our boarders.
    Hungkuang University is located on Chung Che Road in Taichung, ten minutes from the Sha Lu train station, or forty minutes from the Taichung train station. There are also several school buses available for safe commutes from Taichung, Dali, Nantou, Changhua, and other nearby vicinities.
  • Financial Aid
    The university has many work study programs available for students on campus. Over 800 students benefit from these programs every semester. The Taiwan Ministry of Education and campus organizations also provide a variety of methods for financial assistance to students who meet their requirements. More than 200 students benefit from these off campus scholarships.