Future development - 弘光科技大學

Future development

一、The school’s vision and mission

Adhering to the school-oriented philosophy of “people-oriented and caring for life”, our school emphasizes on equal emphasis on professional skills and humanistic literacy, inspires students to reflect on life, and then respects life and caring for the society. With the vision of “a top-notch university of science and technology in the field of health and livelihood” The mission of the school is to “cultivate outstanding talents with health and people’s livelihood knowledge and enhance social well-being”.

二、School goals and strategies

In order to start the school affairs development plan for the 108-111 school year, the school has undergone rigorous planning operations and invited the leaders of teaching and administrative units to discuss for many times to formulate “enhance the diversified competitiveness of graduates, expand the energy of industrial and academic innovation research and development, and strengthen the society “Participate in fulfilling social responsibilities” is the school’s school affairs development goal. In order to accurately understand the current strength of the school and the opportunities and challenges that the external environment may bring to the school, the SWOT analysis method will be used to analyze and summarize the internal and external conditions of the school, and then analyze the school’s own advantages, disadvantages and opportunities And threats. The analysis results are paired with the four quadrants of the SWOT cross matrix. Four strategies of growth, diversification, reversal and defense are developed. The affinity graph method is used to classify strategies with similar attributes. The whole strategy development process of school affairs development strategy is shown in Figure 1.