Hungkuang University


The school upholds the school-based philosophy of “people-oriented, caring for life”, emphasizing both professional and humanistic qualities, and displaying bright school features. The school’s running characteristics can be divided into two parts: “Basic Orientation” and “Advanced Features”. The basic orientation includes improving “student language, program, cross-domain implementation ability and effectiveness”, “practical experience or certification teacher effectiveness” , “Student Skill Certification and Employment Effectiveness”, “Student Participation in Industry Internship Effectiveness”, “Industry-University Cooperation Technology Research and Development Effectiveness”, “Service Learning and Higher Education Public Effectiveness”, etc .; “ Innovative teaching energy ”, “ Strengthening the effectiveness of innovative creative learning in professional implementation ”, “ Enhancing the effectiveness of special performance of students in the field of health and livelihood ”, “ Enhancing the effectiveness of industry and academia in the field of health and livelihood ”, “ Enhancing the effectiveness of overseas internships ”, “ Enhancing Asia-Pacific and international exchange “Effectiveness”, “Enhancing the effectiveness of promoting education”, “Combining the relevant resources of the whole school, and fulfilling the effectiveness of social responsibility” and other 8 items. For the purpose of sustainable development and excellence, when formulating school development goals and five strategies, the school systematically takes the school running characteristics (6 basic aspects and 8 advanced characteristics) into consideration and incorporates them into the discussion. The promotion of business development strategies further stabilizes and strengthens the school’s school-running characteristics. The Five Strategies of School Affairs Development in Our School and the Correlation of School Characteristics.