Hungkuang University

Our Founder

    Dr. Yui Lin Wang was born on July 12, 1915.Raised by a prominent family of medicine in Sha Lu, Taichung, Yui Lin traveled to Japan to further his studies at the age of fourteen. In March of 1939, he received his medical degree, from Japan University and returned to Taiwan. Dr. Wang then continued on to study at Man Chu University of Medicine and Taipei Empire University’s Ze Tian Surgical Department, receiving his medical doctorate, with honors.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wang carried forward his father’s legacy of saving countless lives through medical research and practice. In addition to his medical accomplishments, Dr. Yui Lin Wang was also elected as a city council member of Taichung County. In pursuit of elevating the quality of medical professionals in Taiwan, he established Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing in July of 1967. Under his presidency, Hungkuang was the first college in Central Taiwan and has since educated countless outstanding medical professionals. As a result of Dr. Wang’s vision and dedication, in the year 2003, Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing evolved into Hungkuang University. In 1983, Yui Lin received the Liu Yi Medal from the Taiwan Ministry of Education in honor of his selfless dedication to the medical field.

Dr. Yui Lin Wang devoted his entire life to bringing a better future to the Taiwanese people. In 1987, due to illness, he passed away at the age of 73.