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Idea elaboration

Hongguang University of Science and Technology is a science and technology university founded for medical care. It was founded in 1967 by the first president Dr. Yulin Wang (also the founder of Guangtian Hospital). The first recruit is “nursing and midwife”. “Hongyi Boai” is the school motto. After more than 50 years of hard work and management, it has laid a good foundation for running a school. In recent years, in response to the trend of education reform at home and abroad, the advent of the era of informatization and technology, and the trend of globalization and internationalization of economic and trade development, the vision and scale have been continuously expanded. Since the establishment of a new machine in 2000 and the name was changed to Hongguang University of Science and Technology, it is really the beginning of a new era. Together with the country’s human needs and social development, we focus on the same: education is the process of teaching people and adults, so it condenses the school-based philosophy of “people-oriented and caring for life”.

The school adheres to the educational philosophy of “people-oriented, caring for life”, focusing on the training of professional skills and the cultivation of humanistic qualities. Therefore, it pays special attention to the reflection of students on humanities, history, environment and science, and then respects and protects the natural environment and establishes safety, Healthy workplace; take care of personal body and mind, establish a humanized medical environment; protect infants and young children, establish humanistic concepts, and develop artistic temperament; from the development of food culture to information management and business brainstorming, in order to improve the quality of human life, Do your duty.

Cultivation of technical personnel, in addition to professional knowledge and skills, the professional ethics of technical personnel is particularly important. Therefore, the teaching of our school upholds the spirit of “Hongyi Boai” school motto, and establishes the ethics of students’ due diligence and sacrifice. Can recognize the profession, promote the special value of all walks of life, and can cooperate with related professions to achieve the goal of humanizing professionals.